Certified diamonds

Nicholson & Coulthard Ltd. provide a service allowing you to hand select diamonds from our range in stock.

These diamonds are certified and come with a certificate of authenticity detailing their quality and specifications. Our diamonds are sourced from worldwide suppliers.

Diamond Rings in Carlisle
Certified Diamonds in Carlisle

Diamond merchants

Our loose diamonds come from some of the best suppliers on the market.

Imported from diamond merchants based in Antwerp and Israel, we also receive superb stones from London. Our shop has a changing range of diamonds in stock, tending to vary from quarter of a carat to 3 carat diamonds.

Large diamonds

If you are looking for a particular diamond, our links in the diamond trade can ensure you get precisely the precious stone you require.

We take orders for diamonds of any carat and can provide the specified diamond at 24 hours notice. Contact us today if you have a special occasion in mind and want something truly memorable to mark the day.

Large Diamonds in Carlisle
Diamond Wedding Rings in Carlisle

Selection tips

The golden rule for selecting the right diamond is "remember the 4 C's":

Diamonds are judged by their clarity, cut, colour and cost. In particular, the cut of the diamond will have a major impact on the final result and its brilliance. To find out more about these factors in choosing the right diamond visit the Diamond Buying Guide website.

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